Anybody using track legal roll bars/cage?


New Member
Oct 9, 2005
I am looking at adding a track legal roll bar or cage to my Cobra this spring. Just in case I ever get to a timed track event that requires them:nice:.

I've searched the SVT and 4.6 forums, and only found one post recommending the KB roll bars. Is there anybody else using these (or another brand) that recommends them? I don't care if the back seat is usable, I never use it anyway.
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Do it!

I have a 6 point with removable door bars. I love it! Mines a vert and it makes it look much more intimidating, not to mentiion safer, and stiffer.

1999 Cobra vert
-80mm mass air
-Mac Cold Air
-BBK Twin 65mm Throttlebody
-Super Chip and light tune(315rwhp,354hp),25mpg highway
-Steeda non-piggy back style underdrive pulleys
-Mobil 1 Full Synthetic since day 1
-MGW shifter
-Aluminum drive shaft
-McCleod Stage III Clutch
-3:73 gear set
-Steeda Clutch quadrant, and Firewall adjuster
-2.5" Dynomax off road X Pipe
-3" MAC Cat back system
-Full Kenny Brown Sport Handling Package(front & rear strut tower braces, caster/camber plates, subframe connectors, extreme matrix brace, jacking rails)
-Kenny Brown Torque brace and aluminum differential bushings
-Eibach springs(2" drop)
-Bilstien shocks
-Steeda Bumpsteer kit
-1" Wheel spacers(rear)
-All Urethane bushings throughout
-KB Torque Brace and Aluminun Diff Bushings
-Stainless lines
-Brembo rotors
-Hawk Carbon Metallic pads
-"Z-rated" brake fluid
-6 point roll cage w/ swing out door bars and 6" welded plates($4000)
-Simpson 5 point bar mounted harnesses(both seats)
-Drive shaft loop
25 mpg, thats awesome any tips, im always trying to squez a few extra mpg's outta my 97. I started out at 17 now im a hair under 20. I would love to get to 25. being in the 4wd game around here a custome cage would go the price of the tubing x 2.