anyone have an a/c delete kit?


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Mar 27, 2004
hey guys a questions!...i need an a/c delete kit for my 85 gt.. about how much is one and ware can i get one? does it coem with everything i need? what exactly does it do? doesnt it put the power steering wware the a/c was? i also need a double hump x member... ware would be the best palce to get one? im looking for all of this stuff as cheaply as possible=)
p.s is an electric fan hard to put in? anyone have any experince with the cheaper ones from summit?...thanks for any help..
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I have an 83 5.0 and the A/C Delete kit worked, but I had to put a lot of washers behind the new bracket to make it sit flush with the cylinder head. If your car is carbed, or has the older style Power Steering Bracket, you will need to do the same thing.

I got a double hump cross member for my dad off ebay for 11.50, in mustang magazines there like 40+shipping....Ebay is the way to go for most things, its where i get all my car stuff.