Anyone heard this blow off valve before??

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I guess this is what it would look like installed.
venting to atmosphere causes metered air to get expelled, meaning yes the motor runs rich for a moment, however from what I've gathered and seen, its not really a big issue as long as you get the right kind of bov.
I've been unable to see a rich condition when mine vents and I have my wideband 02 plugged's really a non-issue. You just have to get a dual piston (bailey, forge) or a unit with and adjustable spring pressure and tighten it down so it doesn't stay open at idle.

The RFL's go for ~70-80 bux used on ebay and sometimes you can find a good deal like me (45 bux).

what is the main purpose or advantage??
Is it to prevent lost boost between shifts? Because I never drop below 12psi from 18psi when I go down the track. Even then it slams back to 18 instantly.

Is it to prevent turbulence against the compressor blase and add to longevity? Because these turbos last well over 150k miles anyway?

Is there any performance to be gained?