Fox Anyone In Ct Or Eastern Ny Have A Fox Cluster I Can Borrow?

Bill Cool

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Nov 18, 1999
Seymour, CT
I installed in my 87 GT a 140 mph speedometer and volts/water temp gauges from a 90 Mustang about 10 years ago. The car sat for ~5 yrs, and sometime over the past year I believe the speedo, and possibly the temp and oil pressure gauges, have gone bad somehow. Speedo was the first culprit - it wouldn't move until ~60mph, and then would bounce around. Now, the temp and oil pressure gauges aren't reading anything (though I haven't checked the sending units yet).

Before I buy a new/used cluster, might anyone have a spare, working one lying around they would let me borrow for 10 minutes to try? Anything within an hour or so from New Haven, CT, would be awesome...
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I tried out another cluster tonight...and on the way to that cluster, my speedo started working a little. Nothing below ~30mph, then bouncy till 55, then pretty much steady. Tried the other cluster, and the speedo worked fine...and on the way home, my speedo worked a little better. Perhaps the new cable just had to get broken in a little...but it definitely needs lubrication. Aside from that, the fuel gauge works fine, but the oil press and coolant temp worked on neither I'm fairly confident it's the sending units.

Interestingly enough, if I hit the brakes very hard, the oil press gauge would bounce between O and A violently, until the car got level again.

I assume the wiring in your '87 was rewired to work with the 90-93 cluster? You didn't just plug it in and that's all right?
I'm using my 87 cluster with the 90 speedo and volt/temp gauges. Though I don't remember exactly how I went about installing the replacements, it all worked fine for about 4-5 years, so I'm fairly certain it's not due to the swap itself.
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