Anyone install Painless Harness #60510 into their Fox???

I currently am running a FAST system with all the go fast goodies. Only problem is, I have never had so many problems with a car until this one once I crossed the line of being reliable on the street. I am very curious who has had experience with this harness as I am seriously thinking of selling the current motor, FAST, T-Trim, and going with a high revving N/A setup with maybe just a piggyback system if need be. I still have the original harness, but it is really in need of being replaced. Alot of the clips are broken and it just looks like crap. I didn't really get a straight answer from Painless, so I figured I would check here. The main thing they said is everything that is needed for the engine to run but there is no smog connections. How hard would it be to splice that stuff in and is it really worth trying or should I look for a donor? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out. I may have some really good stuff with very low miles up for sale in the very near future.
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