Anyone know about this guys rims?

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Oh I don't plan on buying tires from him. Even if I did I would make sure they are at least z rated. But most of his tires on there that I have seen are w rated. I planned on only buying rims from him. But now I've recently noticed that here on they have 17"x9" silver cobra's for $103 each. That is really hard to pass up. Those silver cobras may not be the best but they are 56141654.8 times better than what I have.
That's where I got mine. So far so good.

Thats where I got mine too

Also, but if the auction gives you the option of choosing pony or cobra centercaps, ask for the pony ones. they sent me both sets and then i turned around and sold the extra cobra centercaps on ebay for 50 bucks. :)

Anyhow, back to the wheels... I like em a lot and they are cheaper than I found anywhere else. I liked how they didnt come with the retarded looking "snake" centercaps like every other replica wheel company does.

The wheels took about 4 days to get, and they do not offer a tracking number. I called up trying to get one, but as they state in their auctions, they wont give them out. So yeah, I wouldnt hesitate to buy from OEWheels, not having a tracking number for a few days was worth saving a few bucks and getting some authentic centercaps.


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