Anyone know how to brighten my monitor??

Might sound stupid, but I've got it brightened enough to see pics ok...but videos are still darker than ever, like on Windows Media Player..and I can go into the setting for the media player but for certain videos it will not change the brightness, even if you move the little dial up..but the thing is, I shouldnt have to change the settings in Media Player...the monitor should be bright enough to see the videos ok. I have like 20 car racing videos that I can't see anything but headlights...

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some are nighttime videos, but even like, my uncles daytime track vid is dark I can't tell he pops a wheelie at the start. The controls on the actual monitor are up all the way...I can't figure it out...but its only for Windows Media Player it seems that it's dark..
if i turn the brightness all the way up, its WAY too bright, like white...

i have the contrast and gamma adjusted different too, not sure about where to put them...but i just dont know what the heck it is, anything but WMP is bright...

Version of WMP? not sure, im running a windows 98 SE, so its old..
lmfao, when u turn the contrast all the way up it looks like all red and weird lookin. The box that I'm changing stuff in says Gamma Correction and theres Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast. If I set anything any different than I have it it just looks weird. Right now that Gamma is set to 1.0 (lowest) and it goes to 5.0, and anything about 1.0 looks weird. The Brightness is set to 80, and it goes from -60 to 100. The Contrast is set to 41, and it goes from 40 to 100. Anything other than this just looks red. WTF!

lmao...the settings that were on there were all dark and crap and i changed them now and saved them like that..soo yea, im so sick of not being able to watch videos..but we went and ordered a computer with a plexiglass tower with neons in it and crap hahahaha last nite with a 19" LCD flatscreen monitor for down at my great grandparents house, so I won't have to complain any more. Yes, my computer will be a ricer.