Anyone need gauges?

A friend of mine has a job with sales of performance parts for cars. He gets pretty good deals on autometer gauges and stuff. He's got a number of them.
Sport comp - silver series : Boost , water temp
Cobalt series - boost (expensive ****...200 in stores)
C2 Pyrometer
All are 2 1/16", but he has some 2 5/8" gauges, silver series I believe. If anyone is interested I can get you some good deals. Also has a lunar series 5" ricer tach with shift light.

Probably about 35-40 for a silver series. And the cobalt and c2 are more than that. I dont know why they're so expensive. 200 bucks at shucks :( Tach I believe he would sell for 100 or about. All gauges are brand new in plastic wrap and box, unless otherwise specified. The gauges are located in auburn WA area.
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OK here is the list of all the gauges.
2 5/8" pro comp water temp 4437, lunar tach 4299, lunar oil pressure 7153, lunar boost 7159, cobalt boost 6159, pro comp boost 4301, pro comp volts 4391, lunar water temp 7155, cobalt water temp 6155, 2 5/8" pro comp volts 4461, lunar pryometer 7144, lunar boost 7159, lunar boost 7160, cobalt boost 6160
Sorry about that. I did not check the numbers myself. They're just the numbers and description I got from my friend. Here are the numbers for lunar

Lunar oil pressure 4127
Lunar Boost/vac 4103
Lunar Water temp 4137
Lunar Pyro 4144
Lunar boost 4104