Anyone running a ProChamber'd Off Road H

Hi guys

Im looking to get an off road H pipe and i was looking at a MAC one.

But now I've seen these Prochambered H pipes... I've been told that they sound way better but I was looking for some actual advice based on experience..

So has any one got one of these? and is it any better than a regular off road H pipe ? because it's $100 more expensive this way.....

thanks guys :flag:

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I personally really like my prochamber with the MAC flowpath catback. However, the price has gone up crazy on those prochambers. I got lucky and snagged one from RPM Outlet for $200 or less I think and a few months later they are $260 or so. If you don't have the extra $100, then just go with the standard H. I'm not sure its worth the extra money.
Both O/R H pipes and prochambers are awesome sounding midpipes, and you'll probably love either one. An H pipe would have more of a classic muscle car sound, while a prochamber will make your car sound a little more like a race car, but not as bad as an X pipe. I went with a prochamber because I wanted something a little different, and I like the aggressive tone they have. Either way you'll be happy, but my vote is for the prochamber!
I used to have the ProChamber and it is a very distinctive sound. The only way I can describe it is "more exotic". The added sound is definately worth the extra money. Having an off-road x pipe now, I really miss the sound of the Pro-Chamber.
I have prochamber with mac flowpath cat back. Love the sound. It's the only stang and the only midpipe i've ever owned, so can't really compare. I love the sound though. Every once in awhile people will say how much they like the sound. I'm sure you'll like either one.
I would never run it because you can get a stainless pipe for that price but some people love it.

I paid less than that for my stainless off road x pipe.

go to and see if the sound is worth the money to you.

when I listen to all the clips I tend to still hear the muffler the most rather than prochamer, x, or h. so I alwasy factory in cost, power, quality. If I chose a muffler I like and an off road pipe I am going to like it.