Anyone running skinnies up front?


New Member
Mar 17, 2003
Worcester, MA
I am interested in buying some welds (15x 3 1/2) for the front of my car, and 15 x 8's for the back. I hear there is some caliper clearence issues i need to deal with when running a skinnie. I have been told that there is no backspacing measurement on a 3 1/2 wheel and i would probably have to run a spacer.....but are the front wheels going to stick outside the fender by doing this? Do i need longer studs? Seems like there has to be a pretty large spacer to clear the caliper. Any info would be helpful, and pics of an SN95 with this setup would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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yup, 7/16th's spacer will make them work. and no, they wont stick out. my cobra handles decently with 3-1/2's on front, but it will push the front end out of a curve if you go to fast.