Anyone swap from auto to stick and still running aut computer?


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Jun 11, 1999
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I switched a 95GT from auto to stick and left the auto computer in it. It started and ran fine but when you get on it real hard it has real bad miss like the engine loses power for a split second. I was wondering if anyone is still running the auto computer and if you had any problems doing so.Thanks
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Apr 6, 2003
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It would be a costly fix but a Tweecer would allow you to load the cal file of your choice from the CABZA family (GT, COBRA, etc.) into your original pcm.



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Aug 31, 1999
New Orleans, LA
When I switch my car over to manual I ran my auto computer for a while before I got a new(well, refurbished :rolleyes: ) manual computer. It ran ok the only difference was where the rev limiter was. For autos the rev limiter is 5700rpms and for the manuals its 6250rpms. That was the only difference I noticed.
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