Anyone use a OEM clutch cable with aftermarket F/A

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I would only recommend an OEM Non adjustable cable if you have a FWA. You have no need for the adjustable cable with the FWA. There is anecdotal evidence that the linkage on the adjustable end of the cables are sources for stretching, snapping, and binding. I think I still have the 130,000 OEM cable that I got with my T5 from the junkyard, and with the FWA, things are so far peachy. (I think I should add a clutch cable to the tool box in my trunk, along with the extra belt)
blk92stangg said:
Hey quick, you have any pics of your car? I would love to see your rims...its an idea I have been kicking around for a while myself.
you are not talkin to me, right...?
i definetly agree with everyone on here that an oem cable is the best. i had trouble with my adjustable cable all the time...and now ive got a upr quadrant and firewall adjuster with a oem ford cable from a local dealer and the pedal is smooth and always engages/disengages at the same point
the oem style cables can be had for a bit cheaper (but when you need one, you need one), but they are still quite expensive.
im not an expert on the stocker (all sorts of different info on who/where it is made now, etc), but if it is non adjustable, the thing looks like the one.

ill let the experts confirm or deny that.

good luck.