Engine AOD 5.0 stalling


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Sep 9, 2023
Da Bay
my 92 vert’s been sitting for a couple weeks

some days it’ll run for an hour (usually how long I wait before I get bored) but some days it’ll run for no less then 5 minutes without stalling out and dying.

I’ve already replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relay and I regularly check the pressure so fuel isn’t the issue.

im assuming it’s the distributor but is there anything else I should look at?

hoping to resolve this soon because it’s been my daily lol

also please don’t chew me up this my first car that I’m learning on and also my first post on here
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Common causes are:
  • TFI module
  • PIP in the distributor
  • Ignition switch in the column
Even in the heyday of the foxbody, it was common to carry an extra TFI in the glove box.

I've found common parts store parts not to be as reliable as the OEM parts, although much harder to find these days.
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Running pig rich could always cause it to load up and stall.

This is why running the codes is step #1, although a lot of the common ignition related causes for this problem do not manifest as actual codes. It can at least help rule out some stuff.
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I can't even remember the last time someone made a post and had a fuel problem.

Assuming it doesn't start right back up, follow the crank no start checklist.