AOD just installed, need help on what to do to it???

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Nov 30, 2001
Hudson, Florida
Hey guys, i just finished my T5 to AOD install on my 90 vert.
while driveing it in O.D. first shifts out at 3800-4300rpm, then shifts out of second & 3rd at 3500-4000rpm, then goes into O.D. and sometimes it slips like im holdig in the clutch and the rpm sky rocket..... now 1 out of 8 times it wont slip? :shrug:
BTW this is a rebuilt tranny...and came out of a 92 grand marque
Nowwhen its in D(drive), it goes out of 1st around 4800, 2nd 4500 and 3rd goes to 6250rpm redline, and when its in 1st it tachs out fine....

Now what shift kit would let her rev up to 6,000rpm, while in drive or O.D. without shifting manualy?? and whats up with o.d.?

Help... :shrug:
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Two things control the shift points, the TV cable and the governor. Ford has used governors, and none of them shift at that low of rpm at WOT, so I would guess your TV cable needs tightened up some. With normal 3.08 to 3.27 gears, they should shift into OD, under very light throttle pressure, between 40-45 mph. I would guess yours will shift before this. You really need it set with the propper tool and pressure guage. It will destroy the trans if set too low very long, and is better to set it too high, than too low.