AOD shifts into high too quick


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Mar 25, 2006
my 89 gt has alot of engine mods, as well as shift kit and 2800 stall converter. when
i run it hard through the gears manually shifting, pulls hard 1st and partialy into 2nd, but then suddenly shifts into third way too soon. . i have adjusted the TV when i first started driving it, and i'm afraid to mess with it any more until someone tells me i should. if that will correct the problem, what does it need to be set at with the mods i've mentioned? email me direct if possible. [email protected]

Thanks, jeff
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trans has about 6k miles since it was rebuilt with shift kit and converter, it did pretty much same when it was stock, but i thought the shift kit would change it. doesn't bother me normal driving conditions, but when i do decide to flex a little muscle it bothers me and if i were to race it, i know it would suck.