AODE help. its acting goofy


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Dec 14, 2003
Dyer, IN
my friend has a car from ebay. before the auction ended, the guy said it didnt downshift right once or twice so brought it to Widco transmissions. widco checked it out, said it was fine, sent him on his way.
when we picked up the car, we made it about 3/4 the way home and it crapped out. it was leaking fluid, stopped proppeling the car at all. it was done

the next day the seller picked it up brought it back to widco. this time they rebuilt the trans and tried two different converters and sent it on its way.

lastnight we pick it up again and it seemed quite alright. i can tell they did something. the car took off better. shifted good and solid. always downshifted right but...
an hour or so later at criuse speed it acted like it fell into nuetral and then back into gear. it did that twice. it didnt feel like slippage where it wasnt delivering full power. it felt like it completely went into neutral and than back into gear and then felt fine again.

WHAT DO I LOOK FOR? this has to be the shifter or the computer, something dumb electronic. i cant believe it would be the physical trans.

automatics are not my cup of tea, please help
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