are the motors from autozone decent???


New Member
Apr 10, 2008
b'ham, AL
What is everybodys opinion on the Marshall motor from autozone or advanced ? Its a rebuilt 302 . after i got into my motor to change the head gaskets i noticed the cam and crankshaft were wore out pretty bad so instead of wasting the money to take it somewhere and get it rebuilt i was gonna buy a complete motor and bolt in and go tell me what u think. the motor is 2.000 is this decent
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thanks guys im short on money and i need my car goin and i wouldnt know where to start with just a block thats alot of money

Look at it this way, a good block is going to run you $1,500- $2,000 and thats just nothing to radical. If your looking at a complete long block from autozone thats only $2,000 that tells you that its prob just a piece of crap. You can probably find a used 5.0 motor pretty cheap.
just get a used explorer motor

I would go this route... find a low mileage explorer motor on for under $700, put a cam, timing chain, oil pump and your oil pan and you are good to go for just over $1000 and will be making more power...

Then when you can afford to get it tuned you can make even more power...

On the other hand if the car still ran good, do the gaskets for now and start saving for that new motor...