Auto, 4.10 gears dyno...


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May 3, 2006
I dynoed my 05 automatic gt today in 3rd gear and got 262.8hp and 253lbs of tourqe. I have 4.10 gears, steeda pullies, flowmaster axle back and a Tunable induction CAI with a 91 octane tune. I am assuming I am losing a bit for the 4.10's being out back, but it's still a few ponies lower than I hoped. Anyone know about dynoing in 3rd or potential loss for dyno readings with lower gears out back?
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+1 on the 3rd gear being the wrong gear..

Also, did you mean to type 253 ft-lbs of torque or 283 ft-lbs? Because with your set up your engine should have more peak torque than peak horsepower. This could also be because of the 3rd gear dyno.

You should only be loosing around 5 or 6 hp for the 4.10s.
Mustang dynos will read a little lower because of the load. The 4.10's are going to throw your numbers off anywhere from 5-10 horsepower. He should have pulled in 4th gear as mentioned above. That's what we test at here for Automatics.

Even on a Mustang Dyno that sounds awefuly low numbers for your supporting mod. Whos tune? What kind of dyno? What shop dyno'd it?
I dynoed it at Turbo Technologies in Tacoma. The tune is one that I got from the Tunable Induction gang when I got my intake. I'm thinking I need another dyno from another shop. Thanks for the tips everyone :nice: