Bad clutch or TKO


Founding Member
Jan 26, 1999
Cleveland, OH
I bought a used TKO tranny last summer along with a used RAM 900 disc and Motorsport PP. I broke the car last year before I really had a chance to get on it and experience the problem I am having now that I have my motor built up again. The disc seemed to be OK when I put it in. The disc has no wear markers, so it is kinda hard to determine if there is enough clutch material left. I thought so, so I installed it as is. Now when I drive the car, it sometimes is hard to downshift into second gear getting ready to make a turn, clutch fully pressed. When I powershift the car, it produces a small grind going into the next gear. Also, when I put it into reverse to back into my driveway, the tranny grinds like I don't even have the clutch in. If I sit there for a few seconds, and then shift it into R, there will be no grinding. Any of these symptoms lead to a bad tranny or clutch? I don't feel any clutch slippage when I am make a mad dash down the street at 10psi. I also have a Steeda clutch cable/quad setup. I am sure that it is setup right, as it is very close to the adjustment I had with the stock tranny.
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