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Sep 22, 2001
Lakeland Florida
Have a Ram HD clutch and Tremec 3550 tranny and Steeda short shifter. Less than 3 years on clutch and 2 years on tranny. No dumping of the clutch or power shifting. I've been good in babying it.

Noticed this Sunday pulling out of the parking lot.
Shortshifter and tranny had Way more than normal amount of shaking in 1st gear 5-6 mph. No vibrations in 2nd / 3rd / or 4th gear while driving home.

Monday am drove to transmission shop, no vibrations. The tech said the pinion gear is worn where the drive shaft connects to the differential. i.e. you can push the drive shaft just a fraction. He asked if the clutch was always that difficult to engage, meaning the amount of pressure needed to push it to the floor. I told him it's always been that stiff. He did mention that that it could be a sign that the pressure plate is bad. They did say there was no problems with the tranny. :nice:

However, driving home got a bad vibration from like the firewall back. Got stronger as I drove. Engaged the clutch, and took car out of gear, vibration continued. Seemed like something was still spinning and then it stopped. Started back up when I engaged the clutch.

Pulled into my local garage, and told them the story. When the tech pulled it 20 feet to the lift, he got the same heavy vibrations. Btw - I have new harmoic balancer - 7 months old ? Also, new motor mounts less than 6 months old.

He could not find any signs of a problem. This a.m. he tried to recreate it, and it's solid as rock no vibrations. However he did noticed that when shifting from 1st into 2nd the clutch was sliping.

So, we decided to have him tear into the clutch in the am and see what condition it's in.

So, I need some recommendations on what you think the problem is.

Next, what lightwight flywheel would recommend ? No better time to throw one in while it taken apart. I'm going for a CHP 347 crate motor soon with about 390 to the rear wheels.

Thanks much,Dewman
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I wouldn't rule out the pinion bearings... my gear install was done using the old berings and one wiped out almsot immediately... I had a lot of banging and vibration at all speeds.
I took the car to a local tranny shop that I worked with previously. They said the same as you. It has a tiny amount of play, but it's ok for now.

However, they said the the tranny was fine. On the way home it got 100 times worst. I made to my garage. The Ford tech saw how bad it was when he drove it on to lift. He could find anything wrong. So he torn into the tranny / clutch the next day.

He found a bad pilot bearing as well as a bad throwout bearing. So I had the flywheel resurfaced and a new Ram super grip clutch installed.

The guys at the tranny shop wont be getting any more of my business. It's clear they didn't want to take the time to check it out. I should have replaced the bearings when I had the 3550 installed but I forgot. Anyway we're back in business. :nice: