Ball joint please help!!!


New Member
Feb 12, 2003
Danville, VA
Ok I order the x-2 ball joints from Steeda. Took the car to a shop. They said the Ball joints are 5 thousand too small., they order some from a parts store and they were also too small. I was thinking maybe the person before me changed out the A-arms for some reason. So I ordered the 2004 Cobra A-arms and with the Cobra arm the Ball joint go in too easy also. What is up. And when I try to reinstall the ball joints that came in the Cobra arms they go in too easy . is this safe? I know the ball joint just hold the spindle in place and the spring pushes down on the arm and that what keep the ball joint tight, but I never seen ball joints do this. I have tried 4 different ball joint and 2 sets of arms.
Car is a 2003 GT, Lowered with sportline spings
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