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That poor car has been passed around a lot. I saw it at Carlisle a few years ago and it had a 289 in it. Then, it was for sale in MI for $19K for a long time. $11k seems to be a decent price for the condition, and modifications made to the car.
I've seen that car again, and the ultra smooth look is getting a bit dated. Plus the rims on that scream 1993. just my opinion.

You were talkin' about the last one. That was the orange car that was in Car Craft.
I agree!! I was going to roll pan my II, then I saw that one and changed my mind!
That car did have a bucket load of cash in it, and it was a bargin for what it went for. The engine likely cost more to build then the selling price of the car!:D
I kept my car very stock appearing, because stock never goes out of style:shrug: