bassani catted x pipe

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IMO the Bassani doesn't sound so hot with LM1's see if you can find some one to trade you the "mufflers" for LM2's

It will sound loud and good at WoT, just not so much on decel.
Well the whole reason to get cats is because without cats ppl tell me that its gonna sound like a dump truck. I am trying to avoid having to swap the mufflers out. Thats the reason for buying a catted exhaust
It will sound ok with the Bassani and not changing the mufflers, if you ever add headers down the road it will sound alot better.

I have a catted pro-chamber right now with LM1's and it sounded pretty good before I added my shorty headers, after the headers it toned down the popping noises a bit and sounds near perfect to my ears.

As always though, exhaust is a thing of prefrence.
I got my Magnapack Catback first. It sounded all right. About 1 month later I got a Bassani Catted X. The sound difference was night and day. It was about 3 times louder :eek: . All midpipes are gonna uncork the sound level. It's just a matter of what sound your going for. My combo sounds damn mean. The LM1's will probably be just a tad louder than mine by the comparison decibel level tests I've seen.