Battery for remote??


Jul 31, 2003
Lock Haven, PA
well i went to the mall today and i was coming back and my remote didn't work to unlock the doors...i was like damn...i'm gonna set the alarm off by using my key....and of course it did...i need a battery where can i get them and what do i specifically need. it's the factory remote with lock, unlock, panic and trunk version remote..could i get the battery from walmart? and another thing why does it go off and when i use the key?
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On the CR2032 front, you can buy them on Amazon now, but be careful of fakes/defective coin batteries. I ordered a 10-pack of CR2032's last week for a few stang key fobs that I have and I swear half of them had less than 1 volt of charge in them! (they are 3v batteries). I'm going to do a review of how to detect fakes soon. I've been making "how-to" videos of changing every 'Stang fob battery here:
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The battery is a CR2032. You should be able to get it at any Wal-Mart at the jewelry counter. If not, the dealer should stock a million or so. I know I keep about 30 on hand at all times for my 12 different car lines.

Not to mention that it's the same battery for just about every current motherboard on the planet. I buy them in large quantities from US suppliers for pennies a piece.