Battery relocate


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Jul 13, 2003
Tucson AZ
So in the hole process of the redoing the under the hood of the stang, i was thinking of relocateing the battery back to the trunk again. I have the switch on the outside to kill the power, but what is the wiring for it? Do i run one side of power to the switch off the battery and then from the other side of the switch run another power wire to the engine compartment to the stuff up there? And then just ground the battery somewere in the trunk? If i do this and this is how it's wired then can i also have the NOS bottle in there by NHRA rules? Or will it have to be mounted in the cockpit? I'm going to start on the trunk next , just repainting it tho not filling any hole as for there isnt much to fill in there. Then after i get my sanity and sleep back i'll do the outside of the car. The int. is in great shape besides not having the billit peace

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I am doing the same thing right now John. Battery in the trunk right next to my little yellow bottle. I have so much stuff you can read, it will blow your mind. So many ways to do this, come over and I will show you some stuff. I've been working 7 days a week lately so hopefully I will have this weekend off.:bang:

Ben it's alot easier for people/ you to come to my house, you should swing by this weekend if ya can and to check out our nwe place WOW so much better then the getto was! Maybe you can swing by this weekend if your in town? I should be about ready to reinstall stuff! Give me a call this week if ya need my number to call let me know and i can give directions. Charged thatnks thats similar to the scags i have to. peace