bbk longtube headers & offroad h pipe for 1996-2004 mustang gt for sale

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modman 289

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Jan 5, 2010
Longview TX
I am selling a set of bbk longtube headers and offroad h pipe for $520 firm

They were bought BRAND new from texas hotrods I paid $538.47 for the headers alone and another $230 for the h pipe .

I have to get them gone .

They are less than 3 months old and still look ''out of the box ''new !

They fit 1996-2004 mustang gt s only .

I also have a BRAND NEW jlt TRUE cold air kit I am asking 175.00 I paid $240.00

From what I hear the jlt true cai allows more air flow than any other cold air intake on the market for the stangs

I am located in longview texas 75604 / for details send me a pm
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