BBk TB install w/ idle issue

I put in a 75MM BBk TB on my '02 GT. I already had a C&L plenum and everything ran great with the stock TB. The install of the BBK went easy and the car definately pulls a little more above 2500RPM but my idle is a little high now. I set the set screw according to the directions and it idled at about 1100RPM.. (with the stocker it idled around 700RPM).. I backed off on the set screw until it wasn't even touching the linkage and it only goes as low as 900 RPM.. It looks like the TPS in these aren't adjustable, any ideas why nad how to fix?
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Make sure to pull your battery cable for 30 minutes. Mine idled a little high for a while but the EEC corrected it when its relearning everything. :nice:

I have a BBK 75MM TB too BTW. Just let it idle for a while after you replugin the battery and crank her up. Besure to turn on the AC for a minute and let it get used to the load the AC puts on the engine.
I didn't see any black rubber stuff? There was the gray coating to prevent buildup and I left it there? I think I need to attack the TPS voltage and see where it is first, then go from there. I will say that I think it dropped another 50-100 RPM today (could be in head though)