BBK Tuned Length vs Mac Long tubes


New Member
Aug 29, 2003
St. Louis
Ok here's the deal the I got a Mac o/r h-pipe from a guy locally for free and now I'm wanting to do headers. But I want to know if I should go with BBK's new tuned length shorty headers since I have the h-pipe already or should I go with the Mac long tube set up. Now I know long tubes will give me more power but how much more power is the question? I mean is it worth it going thru all the trouble of selling the h-pipe and buying a whole new set up? The BBk headers are tuned length so I think they will give alot more power than a regular set of aftermartket headers. I guess my main question is how much power will I gain with the shorty headers and o/r hpipe vs the MAc long tube set up.
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15 Year Member
Jul 10, 2003
in a 3 bed, 2 bath
the lt setup is worth it. BUT it depends on the direction you want your car to go in. for instance, if you are going the blower route i'd just get the shortie., less hassle & when you are blown the power difference isn't very much, comparitivly). if you plan on staying n/a get the lt's