Bellhousing, RAD 4-speed to 305 Help.

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so you want to meet it with a chevy 305?........or did you mean 302/306?

if a 305 i have no clue. but if you have a 302, you just need to find a RAD 4 bell housing.
all 260, 289, 302, 351 based small blocks will accept the stock bell from a v-8 4-speed mustang II. keep in mind the v-8 4-speed bell is specific to mustang II.

there may be others that can be massaged but i am not aware of one. the t-5 bell would be an option only if you were going to a 5 speed.

someone can chime in to confirm but i believe the v-6 4-speed bell has a different bolt pattern.
Do you have a v-8 rad transmission? I'm guessing since you said its out of a 75 that it is not. In any case the v-8 and 4/6 transmissions used a different input shaft and different gear ratios. The ratios would not stop you from using but the input shaft will.