Electrical Belt Minder Gone Nuts! Please Help!


New Member
Jun 10, 2016
Hello everyone!

I've been having an issue with the Belt Minder on my 2015 Mustang. The actual tone (i.e. sound) is much different, louder, and uglier than the "normal" one (the one in your video). It also sounds many more times. I actually want the Belt Minder feature on. BUT not with the much louder and uglier (distorted) sound that my Mustang makes. Any suggestions? I'm hopeless.

I originally went to the dealer for MyFordTouch Sync issues with radio, Bluetooth, and reverse camera. Dealer diagnosed it as an inoperative Audio Control Module. They replaced it with a brand new one. EVERYTHING WORKED AGAIN. The infotainment, the camera, and the NORMAL Belt Minder chime was back.

HOWEVER, I still had issues with the camera. So, I went back to dealer. He claimed to have "reset the system", and "reset the wiring in the back next to camera." The camera now works fine, BUT the ugly, non-standard sound is BACK!!!

I know this might sound a bit silly, but when you save money for years to buy the car of your dreams, one expects it to work flawlessly. Any input would be MUCH APPRECIATED. THANKS!
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