Best rad for the best price

Hey guys i did a new combo to my motor, and last year i had some cooling problems running about 200-210 and i didnt like that, so sence i cant go with a efan right now i was thinkin a new aluminum rad would be a good upgrade, im kind of on a budget sence i got alot more to do to the fox, so whats the best aluminum rad for the best price, thanks alot.

Links would be appreated

Todd :SNSign:
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May 19, 2002
I have an aluminum direct fit radiator from Northern Radiator and it works like a champ. All welded construction and fits like a glove. Stock mounting points for the shroud, and hold downs.


Oct 25, 2005
I have a summit universal which works awesome. I think the part number is SUM-380431. That one is 30.875 in. wide, 19 in. high and 2.25 in. thick, the fitment was good but a little tight. Summit offers a radiator that is 27.375 in. wide, which would probably be perfect (part number- SUM-380428 ). I'm very happy with it and its a million times better than the stock one! Plus, it was only $179.00, compare that too some of the other aluminum radiators out there. I have heard nothing but good things about the Fluidyne radiators but they are pricey. Before buying the summit, I was looking at the griffin radiators. They are basically the same as the summit ones but I believe they use epoxy, summit ones are weld. I'm not too sure if thats the case with all of them you might want to look into that. I asked around and most people said they would stay away from epoxy radiators, both have their advantages and disadvantages im sure. I think the griffin ones are a little more expensive now too. The only other issue I had was that the inlet/outlets where bigger than the stock ones, but I managed to get oem hoses on, you could always get different size hoses. I'm pretty sure the part numbers I listed for the summit radiators are correct, just make sure you get one with the inlet/outlet in the right locations. Good luck!