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Oct 26, 2009
Ok guys I know that most of you have more knowledge than I do about the good products so I need some input. :hail2: I need to wax my car asap so what product(s) should I use? I was thinking the synthetic stuff simply because it lasts longer but other than that I don't know much else! Thanks!
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As far as the "best wax", thats extremely debatable so I wont even get into it. Most guys will tell you that you need to order wax from some internet boutique to get the best, but I dont believe that is necessarily true. I have bought a few of these high end waxes, including Souveran for $100 a can, and honestly dont notice that much difference. You may notice a slight difference, but not one work $100.

Now, I believe that the key to making a car look good is not the wax itself, but the prep you do to the paint before you put the wax on. Make sure you clay the car to get any contaminants out of the paint. This is a must for a good looking car. Paint will feel as smooth as glass when your done as well. Depending on the condition of your car you may need to polish the paint before wax, or even compound then polish. For the sake of argument Im going to assume that your paint is in good shape and will be ready for wax right after a wash and a clay. In that case, just pick up some Meguiars NXT Paste Wax 2.0. It is probably the best OTC synthetic wax and it will last quite a while. It also shines great. I prefer the paste to the luquid but you can get either, doesnt really matter.

Sorry for the long post, hopefully this helps.
No problem at all with the legnth, I would rather be over informed. The paint does to me at least seem to be in good shape. I noticed that when I was just regularly washing it the other day that it was definately time to wax. $100 bucks for wax is crazy to me. Im sure it does have some benefits over the cheaper stuff but like you said its tough to justify 80 dollars more. Thanks for your help!
Meguiars makes great products. If you haven't already done so, pick up yourself a DA buffer or something of the sort to apply the wax and polish. They are pricey, but well worth it. I've used meguiars clay kit many times now and have always had great results. Plus, the online support (forums and how-to videos) are second to none.
It's not wax, but I use Zaino products on my cars, and have for many years. They are not the cheapest, but by far not the most expensive either. I have been very satisfied and when done correctly, think that the finish you get is outstanding! I believe the products are in the "synthetic polish" category.
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best waxes and polishes ive used


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Just as an aside on the Zaino products I mentioned earlier, they offer many different types of polishes and products for your car care needs. (No, I'm not affiliated with them, I've just used their stuff for years and happen to be a very satisfied customer)

Besides the polish, one of my favorite things they offer is the conditioner for leather. Not only does it work very well, but smells about as close to new leather as anything I have ever experienced.

You can find them online at By today's standards the website is very basic. However, it is useable and I would rather them put the money in the products instead of a fancy website. ;)
First step is to clay it if it needs it.Then get a good wax for a base coat ...Mothers ...Meguiars then what i got was can of collinite 476 paste wax you have to buy it online amazon has it for like 15.00 a can make that your final coat . That will keep it beading for the summer and make the color really pop .after washes use a quick spray wax and your good to go ..without spending big bucks....BTW collinite is a super good wax that last a long time and has very good reviews
Well when you use the collinite as the final coat that is the sealant as it seals in the polish .Thats how i do mine and it will still bead up right into the fall with just regular hand wash and quick spray wax .