Best Way To Paint Emblem?


Adhesive Feces
Mar 31, 2005
Arlington, TX
Hi guys, I know a few of you have custom emblems, so I was hoping you'd be able to help me out with information on how to best go about priming/prepping and painting the new emblems for my car.

I want to take them from chrome to a matte OR glossy black (can't decide which will look best): they are the OEM 05+ GT fender emblems.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Shoot this guy an email...he did my painted pony's


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Shoot this guy an email...he did my painted pony's
I went ahead and painted them with Krylon Fusion. They look AMAZING. The one that I _DID NOT_ sand first looks better. But since they aren't going to be right next to one another on the car, I don't mind if they look a LITTLE different. I will get pics while they are curing, and then again after they are on the car.

Btw...your emblems make me :drool:


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well get one! i cant wait to see, haha.

BTW, what do u guys think of the pony in the grille painted to match your car??

I kinda think it would look like someone did a quick backyard style paint job and didn't tape off the car.:shrug: No offense to anyone who has this done, just voicing my opinion.:D

*Sorry, I thought we were still talking about the side emblems. The grill emblem would be a toss up for me.
Oh! My dad's in town with his nice camera. I'm kind of embarrassed about the emblem, maybe you guys will notice why. We did sicK96GT's too, and his turned out a LOT better than mine (we didn't paint his).

Tomorrow!! Maybe I can go take pics right now!!! :D:D I am going skydiving tomorrow!!! I can't sleeeeeeeep!
k, I found his camera and took pics...but I can't get them onto my comp without his card reader. Such a downer. My rims look good tho :D I'll bug him tomorrow to put them on his laptop. Then you guys will be able to see my new emblems, and rims :D!!!

Sorry - since my motorcycle wreck on the 21st, I've been doped up on hydrocodone. Sometimes it makes me edgy but sometimes it makes me woooooooooooooo.
right, but we are not talking about suspension, or judging cars.

The picture shown is to show the Emblems, and just that.

We realize we are driving 4x4's and in time that problem will be fixed. Most mustangs are a work in progress and ours is just that.

Off Topic:
Dude, those black taillights yesterday looked so profugginessional done. That guy Nick was awesome.