Blinkers and running lights not working

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No, he just has a wire crossed, grounded or two wires touching.
did some more checking and testing.

1. Checked all my fuses for power with a test light and all are good
2. rechecked hazard and signal flashers and both work- clicking sound when activated
3. back lights work, no problem
4. checked the harness grounds, and all are grounded, along with the two by the battery.
5. checked headlight and hazard switch and the plug is properly seated
6. purchase a new set of bulbs for running lights and side marker

when the car is on and the head lights on, no power to the side marker, running lights
i tested the plug for the running lights and side lights with a light tester and no power flows to them when the headlights are on. I'm thinking it could be my headlight switch. What do you guys think or entire harness?

As I mention the headlight harness is brand new.
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Ok, turned on the headlights, n test, black/ orange strip had power. Tested red n yellow had power.

Turned on running lights, black n Orange had power, red n yellow n power at all.


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The factory wire was brown coming out of the switch for the running lamps
That is the one to test
Looking at your photos the one that almost looks black should be your wire to test
I will find a schematic in all my Ford manuals
Only could find T bird schematic but the colors and wiring are roughly the same
T birds had other stuff on them like cornering lamps and lamp out warning
the below schematics show the same brown wire out to the lamps and the 2 powers in are also the same
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im assuming you dont have fog lites on it, if you do the harness at the headlite switch will melt, there is a fog lite fix out here if that happens to be the case...just tryin to throw ideas out there....
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