Blue l.e.d's rice?

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led like.. underbody? or like.. headlight strobes or something? :shrug:

no one on here will tell you to get underglow lol but i say do what you want.. i think itd look cool seein 10 cars drive down the street in a pack all lit up.. maybe... a little..
94gts said:
i actually went through a rice phase. i bought these for my interior then one day i said "wtf am i doing?!?!?" and proceeded to literally rip them out.

:lol: Before I had the stang, I was sporting an 85 Corolla. I had the light-up pedals (actually those were kinda neat) and the light-up shift knob with the blue LED strobes in it. THAT was gay. Looking back I think, "what the f*** was wrong with me?!" lol
I don't get this ****. Its ****ing lights, how does that turn you into a ricer. Are you trying to pass your car as faster than it is? If you have a fast car, make it look any way you want. Your not adding a **** body kit or 2' wing, seriously think about the question. Should you add blue led lights, or does the opinion of others thinking you are a 'ricer' not allow you to do that? I'm not trying to point this at anyone, just do whatever you want to your car.

blue lights....sheesh
what is the world coming to?