BMR Adjustable Panhard Bar

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Oct 29, 2002
Allentown, PA

I have a BMR Chrome Moly "On-Car" Adjustable Panhard Rod with rod ends (Part number MPHR012) for sale. It's in great shape with only about 4k miles on it. BMR Fabrication Inc. This is a must for any lowered car.






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Excellent, I am very interested in this, I will PM you to get some contact info from you. It will most likely be later on today or this evening. I am at work right now and do not have a lot of time.

I appreciate your quick response.

EDIT: I do not need a relocation bracket for this?
Sounds good, I should be around. If you want, my email address is chris (at)

You don't need relocation brackets, but depending on how much you drop the car they help to correct the rear control arm geometry. When I had the Roush springs installed I didn't have the brackets and didn't notice a difference. I switched over to Eibach Sportlines and added the brackets because it really dropped the car more.
No worries, glad to help! You don't have to run the brackets now, you can always add them later. I'm not an expert, but basically they help with weight transfer which affects how well the rear loads during acceleration. I'm sure there's a more technical explanation :)
Mustanglvr2006, let me know if you want this, if not EIGHTEIGHT_GT it's yours.

Hey man I appreciate you waiting to hear back from me before selling it, that was cool. I dont want you to have to wait for me to make up my mind, because I am going to do the Sportline Springs and will need the relocation brackets as well and I just cant afford to do it all at once right now, so I'm gonna save up and get everything I need at once.

Go ahead and sell it to EighteenEight_GT and thank you again for waiting to hear back from me, and thank you for all your help answering all my questions, you were a great help.
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