BMR Relocation Brackets


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Jul 20, 2022
Hey guys, I’m new here but have got a lot of good info here. So I have a 1990 Convertible LX I’m building and I have it on stands right now stripped of the front control arms, springs, struts and spindle.

In the back I have BMR on car adjustable upper control arms kind of holding the axle and diff up along with some stands. I am getting ready to put BMR lower control arms in on the back and I set them as close to where the others were set as I could (these bottomed out like 1/2” longer) and I am lowering it using Eibach lowering springs that will bring it down 1.5” in the front and 1” in the rear. The BMR control arm bushing side doesn’t fit in the axle mounts so I have to use a relocation bracket to get the correct width for it to fit. I kinda messed up and didn’t take measurements before all this so I don’t know relative ride height to compare for reference or anything. Before I just go drilling into my control arm perches (stock brackets I can’t remember what their called) am I going to need to measure anything before? I will be after and before complete assembly but they are adjustable. BMRs instructions says I need ride height measurements for reference but when drilling out the holes to fit the new 1/2” bolts there are only those 2 options to make larger. The bolt going through the control arm and the bolt going through the strut. These are pictures of the mounting bracket now, the bolt difference, the relocation bracket on the stock bracket and the difference in bracket sizes for reference also.

I know there doesn’t seem like any alternative but before I go drilling at my axle does anyone have any input? It seems like a no brainer to just make the holes bigger and mount it, but will it affect anything else?
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I built my own brackets following the directions in the Mathis Performance Handbook 2.


You can see the upper bolt that attaches the bracket through the original control arm bolt hole, the lower bolt attaching bracket to control arm (I think I am 2.5" or 2.75" down from stock). The bracket I made relocated the lower mount for the shock lower as well and used the stock shock bolt hole to further fasten/stiffen the relocation bracket.

Not sure what you are trying to show in pics #4, 5 and 6. Pic #2 looks like the new bracket needs a slight adjustment to line up the hole (not sure you need to redrill, just shift it a little).
That looks like a excellent set up doing it yourself! Well done! Picture 1 and 2 it looks like it just needs shifted but it’s pushed all the way up. That was another worry of mine. It’s almost like the new brackets are too shallow to fully line up with the holes. They are very close but they are a little off. I think I’d be able to make it work when the holes are larger and I have a bolt through the control arm then drill out the strut hole. Pics 4 and 5 are the stock mounting ears that had the stock locating brackets on them. Where the control arm bolts through and the back where the strut mounts. This would be the holes I’d have to drill out. The stock bolts are 1/2” diameter but I need to drill it out to 9/16. Picture 6 I was trying to show the difference in the stock locating bracket, the new relocation bracket and the bushing side size of the control arm. Once it is all set up I’ll have to drill an anchor hole on the inside for strength but I need to be absolutely sure about what I’m doing before I go drilling. Thats why I was asking for any input. This is my first suspension job and I jumped in the deep end haha.