Bottle Warmer + Cigarette Lighter


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May 16, 2001
Meridian, Idaho
Since my bottle is mounted(not really mounted, just sits there with a blanket holding the top up - I know not safest idea) right behind the passenger seat for ease of removal and access. I'd like to put a cigarette lighter plug on my bottle heater so I can remove the whole heater/harness assembly with the bottle. No switch, just plug it in when I need it. Does anyone see any problems with this arrangement?
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When I had nitrous the bottle warmer I had needed a 30 amp realy to properly work. Bottle warmers draw alot of power and I dont think the cig lighter will be able to handle the draw. The cig lighter may be and probably is conected with a few other acc. Check the fuse panel for the fuse that controls it and see what else it is attached with. Proper mounting and wiring would be a good idea, but its up to you. I see you live in Idaho and that bottle warmer is a very good idea to keep pressure when in use. I live in Fl and when at the track 200-300 psi difference is noticable. Big difference between 800 psi and 1100 psi. It will hit alot harder at proper temp.
You'd be better off running a power inverter from the cig lighter, and then wiring the bottle warmer up to a typical outlet plug and run it into that. That way, the inverter is the draw from the lighter and that's designed to work from that power source, but you'll have plenty of power to supply to the warmer.

And you really need to secure that bottle....if you were to wreck that could be the end of you.