Bracket fitment for a Powermaster 150amp 1-wire alternator in a 3.8L


Feb 10, 2018
So my niece has my 84 3.8L hatch now, and I installed a new stereo system and she ordered LED halo lights. I know from some videos that the lights suck up enough juice to cause problems with the stock alternator, so she went out and bought a Powermaster 150amp 1-wire alternator that O'Reilly's and Powermaster said would fit in the car. Model number is 8-57140, pic attached. With the bottom bolt installed the side of the alternator hits the bracket. The top mounting hole is several inches away from the bracket hole. I wedged the Powermaster in place and tightened the belt and made a cardboard template in the shape of a new bracket I think I can make that mounts on the top mounting hole and uses one of the bolts for the current bracket, plus one hole on the end for the Powermaster. Before I go through that does anyone know of a bracket that already fits on a 3.8L? Powermaster makes one for the 5.0 but that's not gonna work on the 3.8. I saw some guys were able to grind down the bracket on different Mustangs and get it to work, but I don't think that's possible with this one because it's just too far off.


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Here's the bracket that I need to make it work. As you can see the mounting hole is pretty far off, but with the bracket and a spacer between it and the Powermaster I think it would work and the belt still seems to fit.


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It’s a GM style alternator with mounting ears configured to fit “most” ford engines. It is still a universal fit. I have that exact one on my car ( currently mounted on a 2jz). It works great, provides the extra amperage to run all of my electronics and maintains 14v at idle.
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got 1 65$ but 3G, the ford product (1 or 2 steps above the 200$ PM. I cut the oem bracket, welded a lill pie shape in there (simple extention btwn the furthest to L sharpie dots) so the slot can still B used to wege the alt OUT board to tighter the adj nut. Here:

that the right idea?