Brake Line caps


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Apr 13, 2006
New Mexico
I'm going to be putting in the Cobra brakes this weekend, and I was reading up on how to do it. It mentions using brake line caps so that when you disconnect the flexible lines, it doesn't leak out everywhere. Where can I get these caps? Would they just be at your everyday auto parts store or what do you guys do? Thanks.
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are you replacing the rubber lines with stainless?

the way i did it the line was only open for a few seconds. also whenever the line is open if you take the cap off the brake fluid res. itll stop air from sucking back up into the line, making the brakes easier to bleed when ur done.

what i did was removed the stock caliper, tied it up in the back of the wheel well.

then i loosly bolted up the cobra caliper in place with the new line attached. then i disconnected the softline fron hardline and swapped em. not much if any fluid dripped from the softline still attached to the stock caliper :shrug: the new lines i got did come with some little red plastic plugs tho. if you got new lines im sure u could just use those
waste of time...use aluminum baking pans and they will catch all the scum and crap and fluid. Also, while your there I would recommend getting some nice brakefluid...something dot 5.1 like Ate Blue/Gold. Trust me it will make your cool new brakes work better for longer between brake flushings. I use the stuff on my stang which gets open tracked, but also on my brothers car, dads car, and moms car. You can find the stuff online for pretty cheap and it will last twice as long as the cheapo stuff. I'd recommend buying 2 liters of the stuff. Use 1.5L for the brake flush and keep the other .5L in case you have leaks. Or you can be like me and buy a case and never be in short supply.:D