Brake Proporitioning valve questions


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Dec 9, 2003
Plano, TX
I am in the middle of 5-lug swapping... the rear end is a TC rear end, 96 axles, and Breeze automotive rear rotors (93 Cobra's re-drilled as 5 lug). The fronts are SN95 V6/GT brake/caliper, with correct 94/95 spindles.

So far everything is going smooth... but I still haven't figured out where to mount the brake proportioning valve...

on my 91 it was an easy place, passenger-side firewall application...

but on the 80... i dunno yet? anyone have experience with this on a 79-82?

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I think he means where to install an aftermarket adjustable valve.

The union on the later models is the perfect spot...but on the ealry models....well you'll just have to cut and flare or maybe put it under the factory combo valve with a short 6" line from a parts store connected to the OEM line to the rear brakes