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Jun 5, 2005
Got to the brakes this weekend. They work great but do you think I am going to have change the master?

I think they are to big for the stock master.

$370 for everything.

Power Slot rotors
Russell Steel braided lines
Hawk pads
Mark VII calipers

New Shoes
New Drums
Russell Steel Braided line
New cylinders




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I run Mark VII brakes all around and use the SVO type master cyclinder. It works wel,l you might need to change the master cyclinder and add a proportioning valve to give less to the back brakes.

Where did you get the Power Slots I looked several palces and couldn't find them? And what brank of calipers are those I have to replace one of mine?
Actually this is a tricky set up as if you go on and read some info from Maximum Motorsports Website, you will find that just using the 73mm up front will INCREASE your stopping distance as they will be more likely to overpower the rears and lock up. There is a great Thread on the Corral where the actual physics are broke down on this particular subject. In the end, you will have to do something about the rears to get it to balance out. Hope this put a dent in getting you headed in the right direction.