Brakes Braking Question


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Sep 15, 2006
St. Louis, MO
My 04 Gt has no anti-lock brakes. I notice that if I get aggressive with the braking, the car likes to lock up especially at higher speeds. This is not a new problem, its always been that way. I don't believe it is a result of anything not working properly, just how these brakes are.

The current setup is stock calipers, Motorcraft pads, and Motorcraft rotors.

My question is, would a cobra front brake upgrade actually help or just make it lock up even easier? Could this be improved with upgraded rotors and pads?
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If you were to swap to Cobra brakes, you'd just make your problem worse.

I would be looking at your tires here. Your brakes have enough power, but the fact that your wheels lock up easy suggest the tires are lacking in grip. A stickier tire would resist locking up due to traction with the road surface.

Are you locking your rears or fronts up?

There could be other reasons for this as well, specifically tires being over or under inflated.

What brand and model tires do you have up front? How old are they? What is the traction rating?
I have BFG KDW NTs. They aren't even a year old. I keep them inflated around 38 psi. After talking it over with a few friends, I'm thinking that the freezing cold weather lately has made the ground to cold for these tires. They are a summer tire and probably cant bite on the cold roadway.
38psi might also be a tad over inflated. That can reduce traction. What tire size?

But you nailed it with your second thought. Summer performance tires do not grip well in cold weather on cold pavement. Can actually be dangerous in some regards as well.
Maybe add an adjustable brake proportioning valve?

WOuld be difficult to do as the 99+ stang as they use separate lines for the rear brakes. Would be hard to properly dial in.

Also not needed. Boils down to summer rubber that is overinflated on cold pavement. Lack of traction is the issue...not the brakes