Braselton Bash was a rouscing success


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May 22, 2002
NE Atlanta
Braselton Bash was a rousing success

Another year another Bash and it was a great time once again. The place ran out of show space.....again. There were a bitchload of stangs there and only but one 05GT. Parked next to us but didn't talk to us at all. He was kind of an ass. I got pics of beautiful cars and some hoochie trailer trash too :banana:

I will post later on
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We had a hell of a time. Came up to visit my parents who live in between Braselton and Jefferson and took our Mach 1 and my dad's Lightning up to the show and then to the track that evening. Post some pics that you have of the show as I forgot our camera.
LsRedy2Kstang said:
I don't knwo what is worse, a woman that looks like your balls or that you have been looking at them that long?

Man she was ugly!!!! Never really looked at them that long, just eye witness accounts. ha ha ha :D

Hope to see more stangs out there next month. Several stangs showed up later in the night, but due to the crowd, they could not park any place close to the rest of us. Fun Show!!!

Thanks for the pics Pewterpony.... You have the cleanest daily driver that I have ever seen!!! :hail2: . In fact, it's clean for a weekend car!!! NICE!!!