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May 11, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Stupid question, but i'm stumped. I have ford motorsports valve covers on my car. I have just purchased a valve breather. I need to get the neck filler off because it has the fitting for a hose to connect. I tried twisting it in circles, pulling on it, nothing will get it out. What am I suppose to do?
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If your breather is threaded, simply install it into the filler neck and buy a vacuum cap to put on the hose port. The filler neck will not come off. If your breather is a push in style, take it back and purchase the correct one.
The correct open breather for your application will most likely be threaded to screw into the top of the filler neck, as mentioned above. It sounds like you have a push-in style for valve covers with no filler neck. If you get the proper breather and a vacuum cap, you will save yourself big headaches trying to get the filler off and making that ones work. :nice: