Broken Cruise Control


Apr 26, 2010
I bought a mustang with 10K miles on it - the only problem is that the cruise control does not work. The cruise control cable that is in place, is too short (no idea why).

1 - Looking for a cruise control cable with all the right parts. The part that seems to be in place is something similar to 9A825 (although too short & missing other pieces). I also need the other 2 parts for proper connection.


2 - I have been looking everywhere for these parts. Ford does not sell them. I was told that any 5.0 cruise control cable will work. Is this true? Here is what I found on Ebay, not sure if this will work.

Not even sure if this has all of the pieces, although it looks like it does.

Here are some pics that I posted on here showing what I have currently:




Any help is greatly appreciated.

If/when I get the right parts...

How do I access the servo - i.e. how do I take off the inner fender wall?
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You have to take the fender off. Two bolts on the door side. One at the top and one under the car. Then there is about 4 on the actual fender in the engine bay. After that there is 5 nuts or so that connect the fender to the front bumper cover. After that the fender should come right off. This is for an lx if you have a gt then they'll be a couple more bolts or rivets that come off. I think I left the long ground effect connected to the fender when I pulled mine off. I hope this helps.