Engine Bucking And Jerking When Driving.

Nov 27, 2016
What's up guys,

My problem with my 02 Mustang is that every time after like 30-60 minutes of non stop driving, it starts to buck and jerk. The best way to describe it is if it's being choked. When starting from a cold start, it'll run fine with no trouble. Only when it has been driving for a while, this happens.

It gets to a point when I press on the gas pedal, it won't accelerate and the rpms would stay at 2000rpm. And at stops, the rpm's would bounce from 900 to 300. Until I parked and shut off the engine for a minute or so and start back up, it will drive fine again.

In short drives it'll never show, but for long drives it does. So far I have read a few forums to get something close to my experience. Hearing it could be from the mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve, to my coils and fuel filter. So far what I have done was clean my mass air flow (It didn't show much filth but clean it anyway.) clean the throttle body and clean the idle air control valve. And the problem still persists.

If it is the other issues like the spark plugs, the coils or the fuel filter (though I hear it hum when I turn the car to on) I'll give it a look over. Or would it be my throttle positioning system acting up? Or the PCV?

Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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