budget 393


New Member
Dec 22, 2005
Detroit, MI
I was wondering if anyone has built a 393 strokers with the 3.850 crank, stock 351w rods, and 302 pistons? I was wondering what work needs to be done to the block? Are their any clearance issues? I have heard yes and no. What parts did you use if you didn't have any issues? What pistons do I need to get run pump gas running Edelbrock Performer RPM heads? Any advice you can give would be great.

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Max Power

Active Member
Jul 31, 2003
St Paul
I bought a Coast High Performance kit with specs like that. Some of the cylinder walls had to be notched, and the crank had counter weights that were too big and had to be machined down. That is unusual though. You may also run into problems with a high volume oil pump needing to be clearanced. The price was right for the kit though.