Budget build ?'s


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Jan 26, 2007
I was wondering if any of you guys could tell me how much a stock 5.0 would gain from a few basic things. I found some parts on e-bay that i might go for if i can get some decent results.

A mass air, an intake, and throttle body.

This is a stock car so i need to start somewhere and i thought the air-intake would be a good start, then when it warms up i can get the 'out-part' done and get a full exhaust.

I was just wonderin if somone could shoot me a ballpark hp increase, i looked at the stock MAF and damn near craped my pants, it's tiny lol.

Also as we all know these come with 225's out back, and traction in 1st and 2nd gear are no-go. I just bought some nice 245's for out back, how much better do you guys think the car will hook....stupid questions I know but im board and it just won't stop snowing.....
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Oct 5, 2002
Give me a couple weeks and I'll tell ya. Pic in the sig,,bought it w/a Ford GT40 crate motor. Had the normal 5.0 intake, 70mm spacer TB. Dyno'd at 249hp/289tq

Just added: Holley systemax kit, roller rockers, ditched the AC and power steering. Hoping for 320 at the rear wheels.