building a 1966 mustang straight 6 200ci on a budget


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Jan 26, 2020
Groveton, NH
hello everyone,

i'm new here and was wonder what parts company's were the best to get my parts from i wanna do a rebuild on a budget. what are some good quality parts? i'm trying to keep the whole rebuild under $1000. any info is helpful thank you
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Jul 12, 2018
Sorry about the paused response. Glad to see an ambitious L-6 fan, great, dutiful & notoriously reliable motors.
And why they’re often the most ill maintained throughout their life, disassembly will not lie.
Not being rude, only realistic & goal oriented- k? Find a reputable, local automotive machine shop.
That being said, above all others, note..time (any) that motor spends in the machine shop (for other than crucial measuring & machining, etc) the more your budget becomes more unlikely...1k?
You’re going to dis & re-assemble to hit 1K$.
Shop will take care of the Head work.
You can save money by targeting reuse of pistons & Cam. If Ill maintained & very high mileage, it may not be practical. Don’t go cheap to hit your goal. Do as much work yourself to bridge the gap. They’ll let you know whats feasible.
1) Buy a shop manual.
2) Pull it.
3) Degrease it externally. (Spray foam).
4) Tear it down. Use care around Crank surfaces. They'll be happy with relatively clean group of components.
(not overboard-as it’ll all be tanked, anyway).
Bring the shop independent parts.
BlockMain Caps on with bolts as removed.
Pistons & Rods w/loose nuts on caps as removed. Cam, Valvecover, oil pickup, side over, Pan.
Flywheel (Manual Trans).
They need nothing else, but request preferences. Dismantled parts to tank & measure are what solid shops desire if you’re assembling.
Clean & label your bolts in bags. Take pics as needed at various stages when pulling the motor, etc -to reference later, if need be. Helpful.
They’ll tank the parts given, return you clean &’machined parts ready for re-assembly.
Mention you wish to keep stock clearances if possible. They’ll deck the block, flycut the head. Once they prep & measure things up, they’ll let you know what you’ll need.
Order parts as quick as they call out clearances. Size up their part pricing vs. below. If boring and/or Crank grinding, rod resizing is deemed necessary, order the kit with specified oversized bore Piston’s, Rings (+.020,.+.040,+.060), undersize Main and/or Rod bearings (-.010,-.020 -.030).
All your parts are available here. Or Northern auto. I’ve used Enginetech parts for bone stock before. No issues. An umbrella Company using Mfg’s such as Felpro’s, Sealed Power, Cloye’s. A phone call.
About 230$-300$ for everything (including Cam, Pistons).

Good luck!
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Sep 30, 2006
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I agree, if you are looking at $1000 for a rebuild, the only way you are doing it is if you do the work yourself(except machine work probably in the range of $300-400). Rock Auto should be fine...I have never had an issue from any parts ordered from them. To be truthful though, you can probably find a good running 200CI engine in your local area for $300 or less...people are always pulling them to put in v8s(for that matter, I have a good one sitting in the back as I write this)
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Sep 7, 2008
West Monroe, Louisiana
Hi and welcome. I agree with the above comments on trying to keep the rebuild under a $1000, it will be a challenge but you can keep it relative low by taking your time and shopping around and online for parts. I use with good results. Good luck with your build.